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Keomaka has been lost in the sauce since ‘86 and would like to keep in that way…  only a visitor to any style, trend, or lifestyle, he pieces together elements from the world around him and transforms them into three dimensional, one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork. By integrating his passions for cooking, music, entertainment, and the human experience, Keomaka delivers his boldest statement yet with this latest installment.


Using a combination of tools from the art world, as well as from unexpected areas like construction and cooking, Keomaka unearths stunning visuals that can’t be labeled or categorized. Contrasting color palettes and invasive textures are just a few of the salient features of Keomaka’s latest manifestation, but this new body of work is more than just eye candy. Each of Keomaka’s pieces exists in its own universe, with a unique personal story that inspired it.

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Only a visitor to any given style, trend or lifestyle Keomaka pieces together inspirations from the world around him then narrates it into a tangible piece of visual art.





Located in the Optima Kierland high-rise, Keomaka’s Gallery is home to his latest installment and includes artwork throughout his career. See Keomaka’s evolution first-hand over a guided tour with the artist himself. You’ll get a chance to see paintings before they’re released as well gain insight into Keomaka’s creative process.


Gallery tours will be available by appointment only and include light drinks, snacks, and a print to take home.