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    Created to capture the essence of the original artwork, these ready to hang prints will change an entire space. Each print is carefully color matched, hand-created, and delivered with hanging hardware to go from box to wall in minutes. From unwrapping your artwork, to reading the story that inspired it, and proudly displaying it on your wall, you’ll have an unmatched, art museum-quality experience that is unique to Keomaka. With the finest canvas prints and vibrant acrylic museum options available, these pieces will transcend your expectations and redefine the rooms where they’re placed.


    Available in two versions:

    • Canvas Numbered: A classic way of appreciating art with its matte finish and cloth texture, these prints will make feel like you own the original.

    • Acrylic Numbered Museum Mount : Offers a modern, glossy texture, that juxtaposes against any flat surface with its high contrast vibrant colors and reflective sheen.

    • Shipping Details

      Orders are processed in 3-7 business days due to unique printing process.


      Please allow 3-10 business days for domestic delivery.


      Your tracking information will be available through PayPal 24 hours after item is shipped.


      When ordering Limited Edition Acrylic prints please allow 2 weeks for order processing.

      International shipping available.


      We take pride in our products and our priority is to deliver your order in excellent condition. If you have any questions about your order or your print arrives damaged, contact us immediately at info@keomaka.com

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